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What side effects did you have during treatment?A while back we shared a video of our co-founder, documenting her battle with breast cancer through video blogs. She recently completed her third round of chemotherapy and has been faced with a long list of symptoms and challenges. We would love it if you could take a minute of your time to send her some words of encouragement!

Posted by Cancer Rebel on Thursday, May 28, 2020
This third treatment truly kicked my ass

Hi guys, it’s Brooke Desserich. I’m the Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Cure Starts Now and Cancer Rebel. It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, so I wanted to give an update as to where I’m at and what’s going on. One week ago, I did my third chemotherapy treatment and I’m not going to lie, I approached that chemotherapy with a lot of trepidation. I’ve been battling really hard with side effects and issues with the chemotherapy. I get a gold star for hitting nearly every single side effect possible with the chemotherapy.

Going into this third one, oh, it was such dread. I truly understand the feelings that these kids are going through. I can’t imagine knowing that that’s coming up and needing to approach chemotherapy again, how much dread they have as well. But I certainly felt it. Had some low points moving into it, but I have amazing family who pushes me forward. So, I had my third chemotherapy treatment, which means I am halfway through. Yay! And the doctors truly believe that it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing, in addition to doing all those other things that it’s doing to me with the side effects. We know it’s being effective. We don’t know yet how effective, but we have to keep plowing forward. The doctor’s being super helpful and trying to be as proactive as possible to keep my levels up.

My energy is… this third treatment truly kind of kicked my ass, honestly. I was down and out for about a week, which, you know, being a doer that I am, it’s really super hard not to be in there at work every single day, not to be a part of things. It really makes me feel like… I call it that I’m being a lump. That I’m not being productive and effective at all. But again, I have amazing staff, amazing family who are keeping things up when I can’t. So they’re amazing. But I wanted to give everybody an update. I was able to get into work today. So even if it’s for half a day, I get some work done before I come back and take a rest. And that’s just what my life’s going to be like for the next few weeks, until the chemotherapy’s over.

I want to thank everybody again for all the awesome well wishes and notes. Suggestions for chemotherapy movies have been awesome, and keeping me up. But really, thank you so much and keep writing, keep sharing this page and keep sharing the word of what Cancer Rebel is. Because again, it’s less about me at this point and more about the other kids and what they have to go through. They’re going through the exact same thing with a whole lot less years of experience and, understanding behind it. So my heart goes out to them. My girl, Addison, a little DIPG patient. She had to shave her head too. So we’re like bald buddies right now. We’re sending messages back and forth. Love her, shout out to her because I know she’s watching. She rocks the bald much better than I do, even. But thank you guys so much. Keep sharing and keep spreading the word.

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