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Brooke's Journey Battling Breast Cancer

"Within the next 5 years, I have a 75% chance of surviving Breast Cancer. Those odds are 75% better than the odds my daughter received 12 years ago when she battled cancer. As a recently diagnosed cancer patient going through this has been severely frustrating. There are tools, resources and treatment options for breast cancer that are nowhere near the options my daughter had with DIPG. I hope and pray, that someday kids battling cancer are given the treatment and fighting chance that I am given today."Be sure to follow Cancer Rebel as we will be documenting and sharing updates on Brooke’s journey as she fights cancer and searches for the Homerun Cure.

Posted by Cancer Rebel on Friday, April 3, 2020
Within the next 5 years, I have a 75% chance of surviving Breast Cancer. Those odds are 75% better than the odds my daughter received 12 years ago when she battled cancer.

Hi, I’m Brooke Desserich. I’m the executive director and founder of The Care Starts Now, and I am now I guess a cancer warrior myself. I’m on week one of my battle with cancer. I was diagnosed with stage two, grade three aggressive breast cancer. Breast cancer is not new in my family. My daughter, Elena, was diagnosed 13 years ago and we faced this battle. And even far before my daughter was diagnosed, our family is no stranger to breast cancer on my husband’s side of the family.

The good news is I have a great team. I’m starting chemo tomorrow, and I’m confident that we have a good plan ahead of us. There’s a lot to worry about right now, not only with just the chemotherapy but also navigating in this crazy environment with Coronavirus and the shutdowns and everything. It’s been a struggle from the beginning to try to get things set and moving forward.

But still it’s a stark difference in what we dealt with, with my daughter. They say I’m facing with my diagnosis about 75% survival rate over five years, and that’s about 75% more than my daughter had when she was battling. It’s staggering to me just to think of those odds. I’m kind of on the flip side of those odds that my daughter was given with her diagnosis. So it really brings it home what I’ve been working towards in the last 12 years since we lost my daughter, Elena.  Brings home the true meaning of the homerun cure. And it is even more real now than it’s ever been before as I faced this battle.

And I see the amazing tools and treatment plans and everything that’s put ahead of me in breast cancer. And I just wish and hope and pray that someday we are able to do that for these kids battling cancer. And it’s what we’ve been fighting for, and it’s what we’ll continue to fight for.

So, I have a lot going for me. I have an amazing support system, a wonderful family, amazing friends who have already been so supportive. I’m young and I’m pretty fierce and pretty stubborn. So, I’m not going to let this beat me. But, again, I have to say the words with his battle… the cure starts now, and it starts with me, I guess.

So, I’ll keep checking back with everybody throughout this battle. And I plan on letting you know what cancer really looks like. The one thing I learned from Elena is that I’m not afraid to show the reality of what cancer is. And I guess now, whether I wanted to or not, I’m given that chance to show you, and it’ll be pretty real and raw and rebellious. But I know totally in the end that I’ll win, and we’ll use this as unrelenting strength to continue to fight cancer and find the homerun cure.

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