Last Day of Major Chemo

HELP BROOKE CELEBRATE! this week Brooke reached the end of her first milestone in kicking this cancer's ass. Friday she had her last major chemo session. She still has a long road ahead with several surgeries and possible radiation. But despite it all, she wants to celebrate in the only way she can…by helping others who are not as fortunate to have a path to the cure. Please just give a small amount to celebrate the end of this chapter and the beginning of the next chapter to being cancer free!!!!

Posted by Cancer Rebel on Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Looks like a good 70% reduction, which I’m super excited about that. But it also then opened up all of the surgery options to me.

Hi guys, it’s Brooke Desserich again. Sorry it’s taken me quite a while to get a post out from my last day of major chemotherapy. It was a whirlwind of a day with a lot of stuff going on. So it took me a while to get on here. I finished on Friday, July 17th the hardcore chemotherapy. I’ll still continue for another nine months on two of the four treatments that I was on, but the two that I dropped are the pretty bad ones that cause all of these lovely side effects that I’ve been talking about. I’m excited about that.

When they finished the bag of the really bad, bad one that has been the bane of my existence, I had a secret little a celebration while they dropped it into the garbage. I had my own little celebration. Because of quarantine, it was not as momentous as they usually are. Everybody keeps their social distance at the center. It wasn’t as hooplas as it normally is. And considering my blood counts came back pretty, pretty low, we know I’ll be back on Monday for a blood transfusion. It wasn’t really a get rid of Brooke and let’s celebrate kind of thing because I’ll be back on Monday for fluids and blood apparently. But it was special for me because I get rid of all that bad stuff that hopefully most of my side effects will go away with it. And then we just talk about maintenance.

We did get MRI results back. Looks like a good 70% reduction, which I’m super excited about that. But it also then opened up all of the surgery options to me. Instead of them saying you have to do a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. They pretty much said it’s up to you as to what you want to do. It’s great. But that’s a lot of decision making on our sides. I’ve been talking to a whole bunch of doctors. I’m going to go to a whole bunch of doctor’s appointments this week to talk about my options, and try to get as educated as possible so I make that right decision moving forward, because a lumpectomy means I have to go through radiation.

There’s good and bad. The results are the same. It’s just how you want to get to that end result. But the good news is the hellish six treatments that I went through certainly put me on the path of where I am right now. So awesome. Awesome. The oncologist is super excited about the results and she’s going to continue to see me for the next year especially with the additional chemotherapy that I still have to go through. Good news. I made it through.

The oncologist also let me know that it’s going to be a pretty hellish three weeks. It’ll be my worst recovery time for chemotherapy. I’m just preparing myself for a crazy three weeks of trying to get through these side effects before I’m done. Yay. A lot of ups and downs. A lot of emotions. Anyways, still thinking of all the kiddos out there as I went through it. Again, I know what I’m doing is a pathway to the cure. Great survival rates on what I’m doing. I know there are kiddos out there that go through what I’m going through now without that hope. I’m thinking of all of you.

Thank you everybody for all the encouragement. Please keep it up. Remember, also, I’m still trying to raise money for cancer research and trying to help those kiddos and get us towards the path of the homerun cure. Hitting all those cancers that are going to open up that door to finding the cure to all of these cancers. So please, please. I know so many of you have already given and truly even just $10 today would mean the world. Help me celebrate by funding research to help kids and help everybody battling cancer across the country.

I knew of cancer before this, but I truly know now how wicked it is when you have to go through the treatments to get rid of it. Please, please, $10, $20, whatever you can give. I would truly appreciate it. And I know these families who going through this exact same thing, would appreciate it as well. Keep it up. Keep sharing Cancer Rebel and all of its messages. Keep being amazing, amazing supporters of cancer research, The Cure Starts Now, and Cancer Rebel and what we’re doing. I love you all. Thank you.

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