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The thing is, I'm thankful to be losing my hair. When my daughter was battling cancer she didn't have the treatment options or the chance to fight. Me, losing my hair means that I've been given the chance my daughter never had.

Posted by Cancer Rebel on Monday, April 20, 2020
The thing is, I’m thankful to be losing my hair. When my daughter was battling cancer she didn’t have the treatment options or the chance to fight.

Hi guys. It’s Brooke Desserich, the co-founder of The Cure Starts Now and Cancer Rebel. I’ve come out of my week of side effects. Thank God it’s over. The only thing I’m left with is this lovely face rash that’s all over my face, even extending even to my ears. It seems to be coming from just one drug. They’re hoping to tweak that drug next time so that I don’t have the week that I had last week, but I know it’s working. The lump has really gone down, so I know that the drugs are working.

A lovely side effect I found this morning, I had a hair out of place and I said, “Why is that hair out of place,” and went to move it and it came out of my head!   “Oh, oh, okay. Well, if the hair’s out of place, you just take it out.”  The inevitable that I knew was going to happen is happening. I remember being at St. Jude and all the moms saying, “Man, you’re so lucky. Your child still has her hair.” I just kept thinking, man, I wish my child didn’t have hair because I would know that she would have the drugs that would actually be killing her tumor. All those kids had chemotherapy that was helping to kill their tumor, and Elena had no options. Yes, she had her hair, but she also had no options. I guess this is a good thing. I know that the chemotherapy’s working. I knew this time was coming. Next time you see me, I’ll probably be donning some new hat accessory or head accessory and I’ll be bald, but at least I know I’ll have options.

I wanted to thank everybody for your continued messages of support and your gifts and everything. It’s been awesome. I continue to wonder how kids go through all of this. I’m a pretty seasoned adult with the ability to handle most of this, but I don’t know how kids do this.  So please continue to think about those kids and support those kids who are going through cancer. There’s proven treatments for breast cancer and most adult cancers, but these kids are continuing to fight with no treatment options. The only way that we can fix that is by supporting research. We have a lot of great research coming up, so please, please, please continue to support pediatric cancer research through The Cure Starts Now.

Make just a small donation, every bit counts right now as we struggle with the current economy to get enough donations for research, but please, please think about the kids. I appreciate your well wishes to me, but please send them to the kids too because they’re fighting with all they got. Thank you guys, until next time.

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