Battling Side Effects

What side effects did you experience during your fight?Our co-founder Brooke is back and is here to talk about how chemo has affected her in her fight against breast cancer. She has been facing a long list of symptoms and has been taking it slowly. Help us show Brooke some love and remind her that the Cancer Rebellion has her back!

Posted by Cancer Rebel on Friday, July 10, 2020
I’m coming up on my sixth treatment and with as harsh as the treatment is, I have the confidence that it is my pathway to the cure.

Hi guys, as you know from my previous blogs I’m a Cancer Rebel myself, battling breast cancer, triple positive breast cancer. I’m taking a little bit of time off while I’m feeling good, in between treatments to spend time with family, because pretty much, I’m a lump for two weeks after treatments right now. So, I wanted to spend a little bit of time while I’m feeling good and able to get up and move around and be somewhat myself.

I wanted to do an update because I’ve apparently not done an update in a while, so people have been asking and asking, so I wanted to do that. I’ve been doing good. I am about a week and a half away from my last treatment of the hardcore chemotherapy. I’m pretty sure the doctors are going to make me a case study for the person with the most side effects from this chemotherapy. Which we knew it was a harsh chemotherapy that I was embarking on, but it’s been super hard for me. I’m trying to keep my positivity up as much as possible, while going through it. I had to go through a few blood transfusions, pretty constant fluid transfusions or infusions to keep up my energy and keep me moving, but it’s worked.

I’m coming up on my sixth treatment and with as harsh as the treatment is, I have the confidence that it is my pathway to the cure. I keep thinking, and it lays heavy on my heart, of those families who go through this really difficult chemotherapy treatments not knowing whether it’s going to make an impact, not knowing whether it’s the cure. I have that confidence that what I’m going through and the difficulties that I’m encountering, at least I know at the end, this cancer will be gone. I can’t imagine the families who have to go through this. So, my heart is heavy for them.

I have a lot of decisions to come up to regarding surgeries and radiation. I’ll be getting an MRI to see exactly how well the chemotherapies worked, so that we can make educated decisions on my pathways forward, but everything’s going well.

I wanted to thank everybody for liking and engaging in Cancer Rebel. It is on fire. If you haven’t seen, we’re well over 11,000 fans, and this is a brand new thing that we did, really wanting to empower people who are battling cancer and who are cancer survivors. I really appreciate everybody with your messages and your encouragement, it means the world to people who are battling cancer. And that’s what it’s about, it’s really lifting these people up and you guys have certainly done it. So thank you, thank you so much. Keep doing it. I’ve got a big announcement coming up, so please look out for that coming up with my last treatment. But I wanted to give everybody an update and let you know where I’m at and you’ll be hearing from me really soon. Thank you so much, guys!

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